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Introducing GreatLakes Personal Parts Manager.

In response to feedback from our loyal customers, we are introducing a new concierge service called "Personal Parts Manager" (PPM). Basically, it is a service that removes the difficult task of searching, ordering and shipping desperately-needed heavy equipment parts from you, and provide you the peace of mind that comes in working with GreatLakes Equipment Parts.

Our Personal Parts Manager provides the following advantages:

  • Dedicated ISR to service your organization. A dedicated ISR will work with you directly, know your needs and provide you with personalized service.
  • Find the most appropriate, low cost solution. Your dedicated ISR will strive to find the appropriate, lowest cost solution to fulfill your parts needs by comparing new OEM parts, replacement parts, and available rebuilt/used parts on the market.
  • Find the most appropriate, low cost shipping. Your dedicated ISR will research and negotiate the lowest shipping cost to get the parts to you on time.
  • Navigate export/import taxes and custom regulations. Our experts have experience and knowledge of shipping parts internationally to ensure that your parts will not be delayed during shipment.
  • Proactively predict your needs. We work with you to discuss your upcoming projects and recommend the parts that you might need.
  • Manage your parts inventory. Our dedicated ISRs will purchase your parts on your behalf in advance, store them in our warehouse for free and deliver the parts to you on demand when the need arises. You will never experience work stoppages again due to lack of parts.
Call +01 (815) 220-7750 or email any one of our ISRs directly to get started on the GreatLakes Personal Parts Manager today: