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6128-11-1012 6128-11-1012 4036874
Grease Gun 869866
Price: $19.93
4294479 6128-11-1012 14528280
Motor: 14528280
Price: $6,000.00
GB400 445BV59
400W Lamp Only: GB400
Price: $2,262.00
Adapter: 445BV59
Price: $2,502.50

Used Caterpillar Parts and Components

Looking for Caterpillar Parts?

GreatLakes Equipment Co. is a trusted and dependable source for reconditioned and used Caterpillar parts and components. Affordable cost and quality service are our signature on every order.

At GreatLakes, we continually obtain used Caterpillar machines and parts. Every part, big and small, is painstakingly cleaned, inspected and tested. Parts in the best condition are immediately added to our inventory. Others require rebuilding, after which they are retested and inventoried. Parts that fail the rigorous screening process are offered for sale with full disclosure of their condition, or they are discarded. Caterpillar parts we carry:

  • Dynamometer Tested Engines
  • Transmissions / Torque Converters (running take-out, rebuilt)
  • Dozer Blades (U-shaped, straight and angle)
  • Buckets (general purpose, 4-in-1, skeleton, multi-purpose, etc.)
  • Hydraulics (cylinders, pumps, motors)
  • Cabs and ROPS (all types)
  • Miscellaneous (sprocket hubs, crankshafts, idlers, rollers, frames, track groups, cylinder heads, blocks, wheel assemblies, swivel groups, hitches, bumpers)

If you need a part not shown in our inventory, let us know what you need and we’ll start looking. We pride ourselves on tracking down hard-to-locate used parts and components.

Here at GreatLakes, we also offer rebuilt Caterpillar engines and blocks. We employ factory-trained mechanics that perform full inspections of the capabilities of our equipment to assure rebuilt quality. A limited warranty is also provided; inquire for details.

Are you in the market to sell your used Caterpillar parts and equipment? We are always searching for used Caterpillar equipment and machines – whether it’s a few spare pieces or full fleets. Call for further information.

* Note: United States laws and international treaties may prohibit the export of some material contained in GreatLakes Equipment products to certain countries. Buyer will not transfer GreatLakes Equipment products to countries other than those disclosed to GreatLakes Equipment at time of sale without receiving written authorization from GreatLakes Equipment. Buyer will not export or re-export, directly or indirectly, GreatLakes Equipment products without complying with U.S. export laws and regulations.